I have advanced glaucoma in both eyes and I underwent glaucoma and cataract surgery with Dr Taneja. I am under regular follow up with Dr. Taneja for last 11 years.

I'm very happy and content with my experiences with Dr. Taneja’s office. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable, competent, and very pleasant. Dr. Taneja has worked diligently to preserve my sight and I'm extremely pleased with my care. He deserves to be recognized for how good he is at what he does. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who has serious eye problems.

Enver L

Fier, Albania


I suffer with long term problem with Floaters in my both eyes. Truly an expert in his field that allows patients to consider options that are non-surgical as the first means of recovery and treatment. Dr. Nishant Taneja is professional and kind in terms of treating patients with respect and communicating clearly in terms you understand.  I think he's honest and fair, and he's doing me a good job.

Dorina S.

Durres, Albania


I have been a patient of Dr. Nishant Taneja since 2010 with a diagnosis of wet macular degeneration. He has been treating me with Avastin, Eylea and now with Brolicizumab and I can still read large print.

I attribute my vision to his treatments. He has taken good care of my eyes. The staff is absolutely outstanding in their courtesy and professionalism. I can still read at age 93.

Thank You!

G. B

Tirana, Albania


I thought I would be blind in my left eye when I first came. I was diagnosed with vitreous hemorrhage secondary to detachment of vitreous gel. After the laser, my vision came back to what it was.

I have had excellent medical attention here. The entire staff has been very nice and made things lots easier for me. I am very happy.

D. M

Tirana, Albania


Many thanks to the entire staff. The whole process of my Cataract surgery and the care I received has been the best of any medical practice I’ve ever encountered. The staff and technology was top notch. Dr. Taneja is just phenomenal. 

Thanks again.


I underwent surgery for retinal detachment last week. There was no pain during or after the operation. I slept well, without pain medication, the night after. If anyone questions retina surgery, call me.

I am impressed with high quality of patient care offered by Dr. Taneja at Indian Eye Institute. I really appreciate you.


I am a diabetic for over 30 years. For the last 5 years, my eye sight has been gradually getting worse. I was getting my treatment with my ophthalmologist for last 4 years. I was having injection treatment, but situation seemed to be getting worse. I could hardly see to drive, I couldn’t read anything on my mobile and it was getting difficult to recognize people from a distance. So, I chose to see Dr. Nishant Taneja on recommendation from my eye doctor.  He was quick, efficient and professional. Within minutes, he made a flowchart for treatment of both my eyes and advised me to follow the “plan of Treatment”. I was really impressed by his energy, optimism and confidence.

After some injections and laser treatments, he said I needed a Vitrectomy in my left eye. It went perfectly, with no problems. It gave me 20/20 vision in that eye. I was like someone opening their eyes for the first time.

After recovering from that procedure, Dr. Taneja said the right eye needed surgery also. So without hesitation, I had it done too. Now I'm 20/20 in both eyes and everything is wonderful.

I can see my two new grandchildren through clear eyes. This has changed the quality of my life beyond measure. Without a doubt, I'm probably the happiest patient Dr. Taneja has ever had!

I am happy to express my appreciation to Dr. Taneja and his exceptional staff.

If you are reading this comment to decide on a Retina Specialist, you are definitely at the right place! A great Dr. and Staff.

More Than Completely Satisfied!


I believe Dr. Taneja is a very talented surgeon.

I started wearing glasses and contacts at age of 12 years. I wore them to be able to see and read. During the spring season the pollen got into my eyes and I could not wear my contacts any more.

After surgeries performed by Dr. Taneja I went from blindness to seeing without contacts or glasses.

I would recommend Dr. Nishant Taneja for any surgery he does. He is very meticulous, compassionate and understanding.

He performed a miracle on me. I thank God for his talent.

Ana C

Tirana, Albania