Ocular Trauma Surgery

Why Choose Dr Taneja?

  • Dr Taneja regularly manages patients with intraocular trauma and intra-ocular foreign bodies. He is experienced in the short- and long-term management of such patients.
  • Dr Taneja is the most experienced ocular trauma surgeon in the whole region. He is the pioneer of pole to pole ocular trauma surgeries that involves corneal transplantation and Vitrectomy surgery performed in the same time. This type of surgery is done in patients with extensive ocular trauma involving the cornea, lens and retina, for example, in cases explosion trauma.

Procedure Information

  • Trauma surgery is performed in accredited hospitals and requires overnight admission. Depending on the nature of the injury, either local anaesthetic with sedation or general anaesthesia may be used.
  • The prognosis of patients presenting with intraocular trauma depends upon the nature of the injuries and can be discussed following a comprehensive examination.