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Dr. Nishant Taneja is a well recognized expert in the medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the retina and vitreous. He is specialized in the entire range of conditions that can affect the back of the eye, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vascular occlusions, macular holes, epiretinal membranes, retinal tears and detachment, hereditary and inflammatory retinal diseases, and ocular trauma and tumors.

Dr. Taneja started practicing as vitreoretina surgeon in 2005 in New Delhi, India. He worked as consultant vitreoretina surgeon at I care Hospital and Post Graduate Institute, Noida from 2007 to 2009. During his medical career as ophthalmologist and retina surgeon in India, he gained expertise in dealing with all kinds of eye surgeries, investigations and lasers. Since 2009, Dr. Taneja has worked full-time in Albania, contributing in treating conservatively and surgically the most complicated and complex eye diseases.

Advanced Techniques and Inovations

Treatments & Surgery

Refractive error represents an optical imperfection of the eye, i.e. the inability of the eye to sharpen the image.

A cataract is a cloudy crystalline lens. The crystalline lens of the eye is normally highly transparent and helps to focus light on the retina.

Loss of transparency of the crystalline lens degrades the image formed by the eye, leading to loss of clarity.

shkëputja dhe trajtimi i retinës

Retinal detachments affect about 1 in 10,000 people per year and occur when the light sensitive retina.

Macular surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia with sedation.

Trauma surgery is performed in accredited hospitals and requires overnight admission.

Macular degeneration is the commonest cause of irreversible sight loss and occurs when the central retina undergoes degenerative changes.

retina detachment

In laser photocoagulation, an intense beam of light travels through the eye and makes tiny burns around the tear in the retina.

The primary goal of cataract surgery is to remove the cloudy lens, caused by cataracts and replace it with an artificial lens, restoring vision.

perdja e syrit

A pterygium is triangular growth that starts on the clear tissue of the eye that can spread to the cornea. It is called a pterygium because it resembles a small wing.

vision problems

A pterygium is triangular growth that starts on the clear tissue of the eye that can spread to the cornea. It is called a pterygium because it resembles a small wing.

After we turn 40, changes in eyesight start occurring. People who previously had no problems with their vision or were shortsighted suddenly become farsighted and “the hands become too short.”

kuptimi i strabizmit te femijerise

We at Indian Eye Institute and Laser Center carry out surgeries for all types of strabismus (horizontal, vertical, palsy, nystagmus, double vision).

Degenerative changes on the eyelids are not only an aesthetic problem, they can often cause serious and permanent changes of the anterior eye segment.



I have advanced glaucoma in both eyes and I underwent glaucoma and cataract surgery with Dr Taneja. I am under regular follow up with Dr. Taneja for last 11 years.

I'm very happy and content with my experiences with Dr. Taneja’s office. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable, competent, and very pleasant. Dr. Taneja has worked diligently to preserve my sight and I'm extremely pleased with my care. He deserves to be recognized for how good he is at what he does. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who has serious eye problems.

Enver L

Fier, Albania


I suffer with long term problem with Floaters in my both eyes. Truly an expert in his field that allows patients to consider options that are non-surgical as the first means of recovery and treatment. Dr. Nishant Taneja is professional and kind in terms of treating patients with respect and communicating clearly in terms you understand.  I think he's honest and fair, and he's doing me a good job.

Dorina S.

Durres, Albania


I have been a patient of Dr. Nishant Taneja since 2010 with a diagnosis of wet macular degeneration. He has been treating me with Avastin, Eylea and now with Brolicizumab and I can still read large print.

I attribute my vision to his treatments. He has taken good care of my eyes. The staff is absolutely outstanding in their courtesy and professionalism. I can still read at age 93.

Thank You!

G. B

Tirana, Albania

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